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The upsides for German companies: Foreign employees

How staff diversity can catapult your company into the futuret

Crises, change processes, redundancies, takeovers, sales, shortage of skilled workers: we have been in the thick of it for many years. One thing can be observed time and again across all sectors: in multinational organisations, there is a culture characterised by openness, tolerance and appreciation. This offers employees support and orientation in crisis situations and strengthens their loyalty to the company. But foreign professionals also bring very practical competitive advantages with them – insider knowledge of other markets, language skills and contacts abroad. They enrich a company in many ways. That also means interculturality is a real opportunity!

The trend for companies with future potential: Diversity & Inclusion

Numerous studies have come to the same conclusion: multicultural teams composed teams are more successful in the long run than purely homogeneous ones. Especially on the time axis, internationally composed teams are ahead. This is due to potential for conflict being somewhat higher in those, but this is also limited to the initial period. Once a heterogeneous team has grown together, it performs a lot better. This is hardly surprising, as the more different opinions, cultural backgrounds and knowledge are incorporated, the more creative the output. Those who rely on foreign specialists, place their company on a stable course for the future from the get-go.

Strategic corporate development through staff diversity

Those who employ foreign specialists have already taken the first step towards the strategic development of their company. The international employees know the market in their country of origin, speak the language and may have valuable contacts abroad. This is an enormous competitive advantage. According to forecasts, Eastern Europe is particularly promising as a new market for German companies. This means that if you employ Eastern European specialists in your company, you have a very good chance that your expansion abroad, for example to Lithuania, Poland, Estonia or one of the other Eastern European countries, will be successful.

Intercultural competence through foreign professionals

Intercultural competence is the ability to get along well with each other, even if you belong to different cultural groups. This includes, for example, a respectful tone and the ability to let the other person have his or her opinion and cultural characteristics. The concept is always based on reciprocity. In companies that employ foreign professionals, intercultural competence is particularly high.

Language skills for successful communication with patients/h3>

Especially in the health sector, foreign doctors and nurses bring another decisive advantage: They have language skills that facilitate communication with an increasing number of foreign patients.

Foreign professionals for long-term success in the company

Employer branding measures pursue the intention of building a company as a stable and positive employer. For this purpose, strengths and special features are worked out and values are defined that are lived in the company and transported to the outside. With the help of the brand message, companies can recruit suitable professionals.

Employer branding measures to build up your employer brand


identify your special features

Company sports, language courses or company kindergarten? How will your employees benefit?


define values

Willingness to cooperate, transparency, sustainability: Which values are particularly important to you?


develop a company vision

What do you want to stand for and what goal do you want to achieve? How should your employees be motivated to pursue this goal every day?


stay on the ball

Follow through with what you have set out to do – then you will achieve your employer branding goals within the company.

By the way, companies that are internally multinational are perceived as attractive employers by skilled workers from other countries. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this is a real competitive advantage.

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