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Some are still talking about tight staffing, others are already talking about a full-blown shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Regardless of how one assesses the situation, the fact is, Germany already has a shortage of thousands of qualified workers in certain sectors, and these numbers will increase significantly in the coming years. Forecasts predict a shortage of almost three million skilled workers by 2025 alone. The health care and IT sectors are particularly affected. The situation for Germany as a business location is therefore highly vulnerable.

We have something to offer in response to the shortage of skilled workers:

creative solutions, a wealth of experience and proven expertise in the German-speaking and Eastern European markets and beyond. Our goal is to write exclusive success stories in the field of personnel placement and recruitment. To achieve this, we are always looking for the most talented people. And because we know how important it is for the job and the candidate to be a perfect match, our thinking beyond others’. That is how we find the experts who will ensure the success of your company.

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This provides you with the right specialist immediately:

We work closely with bespoke recruitment agencies and partners both in the EU and non-EU countries. Our healthcare and IT professionals’ candidate pool is large.


This provides guarantees for a smooth process and legal certainty.

We are proficient in the rules, customs, traditions and all relevant legislations of Eastern Europe.


This makes the entire recruitment process easier for you.

We accompany you from the preliminary consultation all the way to onboarding of your new employee into the company. In doing so, we adapt our services precisely to your needs – as flexibly as you require.

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In the IT sector, a competitive behaviour with regard to qualified specialists has been evident for years. According to the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom), the shortage in 2019 was greater than ever before – 124,000 specialists in the application areas of software development, IT security, cloud computing, big data, data mining were missing in German companies and public authorities. This trend is set to worsen.

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We place doctors and nurses from Eastern Europe and Germany

Theoretically, the healthcare system in Germany is one of the best in the world. But there is a shortage of personnel, which is why theory is increasingly failing in practice. It is already clear that the need for medical personnel will continue to increase in the coming years – while at the same time the need for care among the population will grow. The forecasts for the next decades paint a staggering picture: we are imperatively dependent on well-trained doctors, medical professionals and nursing staff from abroad. Otherwise, our healthcare system will soon reach its limits on a massive scale.

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