Finding Eastern European care and IT staff - quickly and easily

Our reason for specialising in IT professionals from Eastern Europe

The lack of so many experts in Germany’s IT departments is applying a tremendous pressure on digitalisation. Currently, many young IT professionals are being trained. But this is nowhere near enough to cover the current immense demand. If companies want to remain competitive, they must find new ways to deal with this shortage. Recruiting IT professionals from abroad is an obvious and easy solution.

Our reason for specialising in nursing staff from Eastern Europe

The health care system in Germany has been ailing for some time now. An ageing society as a whole is faced with fewer qualified medical personnel. In order to maintain the quality of health care at the same level, we are dependent on the help of foreign professionals.


Your Talentgain advantage:

Your one-stop-shop solution for locating highly motivated and well-trained IT specialists, doctors and nursing staff from across Eastern Europe and beyond.

Recruiting Eastern European specialists:

The advantages for your company


advantage of filling vacancies

If you recruit additional foreign specialists, you will be able to fill your vacancies a lot faster.


advantage: market access

As a company that relies on foreign skilled workers, you have a clear advantage when it comes to opening up new markets. The language skills and contacts of your employees are a decisive factor here.


advantage diversification

Foreign employees lead to a heterogeneous workforce that can better meet the different needs of your customers.


advantage skill mix

Multifaceted knowledge within the company generates creativity and new perspectives that lead to more innovation.


advantage strong teams

Heterogeneous teams demonstrably benefit from the knowledge and ways of thinking of the individual members, as they inspire each other.


advantage image

Those who employ foreign specialists also do something for the good reputation of their own company. This role model function acts like a magnet for other excellently trained specialists.

Rely on our expertise!

We have the specialists you have been looking for and who will keep your company on track. We are the first agency in Germany to specialise in the placement of Eastern European experts for the IT and health sectors. To do this, we work closely with partner agencies throughout Eastern Europe.

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already on the spot for you before the placement process

If you want to recruit skilled workers from abroad, you have to consider many aspects. The search for candidates abroad quickly becomes a complex task that requires a lot of time for preparation and implementation. We are those who know where to find suitable skilled workers and how to approach them, thus saving companies investments in protracted searches and often less than ideal results.Only those who understand how to assess foreign qualifications can select the right applicant. In a nutshell, recruiting foreign professionals is rarely a process that can be done overnight. That is why Talentgain invests considerable time and energy in recruiting and identifying suitable candidates for the DACH region even before the client order is placed.

Talentgain supports the entire relocation process – from advertising the position to the feedback interview after the hire.


Our services for companies:

  • Elaboration of requirement profile
  • Clarification of legal framework/li>
  • Creation and translation of job advertisements
  • Design of the application process
    –> Identification of suitable candidates, evaluation of application documents, verification of foreign qualifications, conducting interviews (also on site upon request), organisation of trial work placements
  • Organisation of recruitment process
    –> Applying for visas, supporting in the recognition of professional qualifications and in dealing with the authorities
  • Organisation of travel
  • Help with finding accommodation
  • Support and integration in everyday life (intercultural onboarding)

What you need to know if you employ foreign experts

Questions and answers on the most important topics

Which authorities do I have to register with?

Which authorities in Germany must be notified before employing foreign skilled workers and during the employment relationship?

General: Regardless of the country of origin, the same registration laws apply to all: Notification must be made at the new place of residence within three months.

EU country: Vacancies in Germany can be filled by workers from the EU, the EEA and Switzerland without any conditions, provided the position is not in a regulated profession. For professions in the health sector, recognition must first be obtained.

Non-EU country: if you want to employ skilled workers from abroad who come from a third country, you need the approval of the Federal Employment Agency at the beginning. As an employer, you are also obliged to check the residence permit of the employees from abroad and keep a copy of it in the personnel files. If the employment is terminated earlier than originally planned, you must report this to the competent authority within four weeks.

Do you have questions on the recognition procedure? We have the answers! Contact us.

How long does the entry procedure take?

How much time should be allowed for foreign professionals’ entry procedure and what possibilities are there to speed things up?

Sometimes you locate an ideal candidate in a third country and could fill the vacancy directly. If you cannot wait the four months that the entry procedure usually takes, you have the option of applying for the accelerated skilled worker procedure. This shortens the process by up to two months. As an employer, you need the employee‘s declaration of consent for this. The contact person is the competent foreigners authority, which initiates and carries out the procedure.

Costs: An accelerated procedure involves additional costs of 411 euros, which are borne by the employer in accordance with Section 81a of the Residence Act.

What expenses should a company expect?

Costs for skilled workers from abroad.

The same conditions apply to skilled workers from a member state of the EU, EEA, Switzerland and third countries as to German workers. The duties are identical. The minimum wage applies. The recognition procedure incurs costs of € 600 on average, which will be covered by the employer.

How are Eastern European workers insured?

Insurance for foreign professionals.

Whether you are recruiting nurses, doctors or IT experts from Eastern Europe and whether you recruit skilled workers from abroad or Germany, the same conditions for nursing care, pension, health and unemployment insurance apply as for German employees.

What are the advantages of working with an agency?

Talentgain services in the placement of foreign IT and care workers.

With Talentgain, you benefit from the experience of a recruitment agency that has mastered the German-speaking labour market, as well as the Eastern European one. We offer a full service in the placement of skilled workers from abroad. We are at your side throughout the entire placement process – from advising you on the most suitable way to fill your vacancy to following up a few months after the start of employment. If you have any follow-up questions, we will be always there for you as your reliable business partner.


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